Re-engineering for the Future: Optimizing Current Facilities

Tue, Sep 25, 2018
3:30pm to 4:30pm CT


As healthcare moves toward value-based care, proactive facilities planning plays an increasingly important role in advancing the mission and vision of healthcare organizations.  With an eye toward future space needs, organizations need to also remain aware of industry pressures (i.e., regulatory changes, new technology, new models of care, and improving patient experience and staff satisfaction) to adapt to changes in the environment.  During this webinar, Dr. Terese Horlocker, Chair of Mayo Clinic Midwest Facilities Committee, will discuss how the committee engages in initiation, planning and oversight of major facilities and construction projects.

Management Engineering and Consulting (ME&C) collaborates with the Department of Facilities on a variety of projects to help determine space needs and utilization as well as conduct benchmarking and workflow analyses among other key activities to meet the needs of the practice.  Dr. Horlocker will be joined by one of ME&C's health system engineers, Danielle Crawley, who will discuss how she partnered with hospital and facilities leadership as a part of a multidisciplinary team consisting of Nursing, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Internal Medicine and Security to initiate and execute the development of a secure hospital unit. The primary objective of this unit is to provide a caring environment to maximize the safety and well-being of our patients and staff .  Learn how ME&C collaborated with Facilities to help the practice operationalize this project for meeting government regulations.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Describe the leadership and governance necessary for effective healthcare facilities planning.
  • Describe how to align facilities planning to support the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Understand a facilities case study responding to recent changes in the regulatory environment.

Featured Presenters: Dr. Terese Horlocker, M.D. & Danielle Crawley, M.A. Dr. HorlockerDanielle Crawley



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Looking forward to today's webinar!! Great presenters on great topics today!

Coming through loud and clear! For those who want to learn more, check your local PBS listings for tonight's Ken Burn's documentary on Mayo Clinic, "Faith – Hope – Science" — check your local air times —

Management Engineering has been around for nearly half of Mayo Clinic's 150 years — since 1947 —

Link to Dr. Horlockers background at — varied and extensive background —

Good start! Coming through very well —

More on the expansion of the GOnda building — bigs news on the Mayo CLinic Rochester campus —

Dr. Horlocker — an engineer at heart!! That's great!

Question for Dr. Horlocker — Do you have any advice for similar committees in smaller hospitals, say, community – based hospitals, where the budget is much smaller? And how can these smaller facilities find the right expertise to help them strategically plan for their future, in regards to facilties?? Can you share any experiences from these committees in our smaller Mayo Clinic Health System?

Dr. Horlocker — great sense of humor!

Question for Dr. Horlocker — How does the committee know you're been successful?? Do you go back and measure the proponen't's satisfaction with the project? And how about patient satisfaction with the new / or remodeled facilities??

Question for Dr. Horlocker — can you share any lessons learned from a facilities project that did not go as well as expected — over budget, behind schedule, mistakes made in the design and construction, etc.. Can you share some general lessons learned without having to get too specific?

Oh, office standards in a large institution is a tough topic! Like the inclusion of environmental sustainability is great to hear — are you seeing more of this in healthcare??

Question for Dr. Horlocker — if a small hospital wants to start a facilities committee, where can we get started? Are there national resources, professional societies where smaller organizations can learn best practices from organizations like Mayo Clinic and others??

Dr. Horlocker — "Anticipating the future 10 to 20 years out demands facilities that are flexible, ready for the improvements in clinical care" and noting the need for 'hospital at home' — just an example from Johns Hopkins 'Hospital at Home' —

A physical mock-up of new space is important — Dr. Horlocker — not just on paper in 2-dimensions —

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