“ME&C is an important anchor point for the application of academics to the practice. Creative design based in scientific methodology is a space where ME&C excels and is an approach I have carried forward into all of my roles.”

Eric Klavetter, Operations Administrator

Management, Systems and Process Engineering

By thinking creatively with consumers and staff, and applying a diverse set of frameworks, model and methods, we help integrate multiple disciplines to study and solve complex problems using a systems approach:

  • Ethnography, Observational Studies and Design Thinking
  • Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Simulation Modeling

Business and Product Design, Integration and Application

Enabling next generation care and business strategies as a trusted partner. Using design thinking principles, we seek to understand the needs of the consumer and engagement to advance business strategy, design and execution:

  • Develop and/or refine business objectives
  • Define key business measurements
  • Benchmark and analyze data
  • Develop recommendations and proposals
  • Accelerate the design and development of key strategic initiatives

Reimagine, Transform and Accelerate Change

Health care is becoming increasingly complex and consumers are demanding and expecting more in healthcare.  While analytics, artificial intelligence and digital technology will disrupt current care delivery models, enabling teams to adapt to transformational change in services, systems and processes is critical. 

Project and Program Management

Project and Program Management enables organizational sustainability by accelerating the pace of change through strategic execution. By combining people, processes and technology, we drive projects to deliver quality project outcomes within a defined scope, quality, cost, and schedule.

  • Structured and disciplined tools and methodology
  • Project framework to deliver detailed plans for complex projects
  • Successful implementations with sustainable operational handoffs