Service Lines

Management, Systems & Process Engineering

Apply a variety of engineering tools to improve business performance.

Service Components: By thinking creatively with clients and applying a diverse set of frameworks, models and methods, we help integrate multiple disciplines to study and solve complex problems using a systems approach:

● Lean Six Sigma
● Systems Engineering
● Advanced Analytics
● Simulation Modeling

Case Study: Call Center Workforce Enhancement & Planning

Strategy, Design & Execution

Develop a sound business case in support of successfully executing strategic initiatives.

Service Components: We provide clients with assistance in any of the following:

● Develop / Refine Business Objectives
Define Key Business Measurements
Benchmark / Analyze Data
Develop Recommendations and Proposals
Accelerate Design & Development of Key Strategic Initiatives

Case Study: Neurology Appointment Forecast

Change Management & Organizational Transformation

Move from current-state to strategic future-state across services, systems and processes.

Service Components: We help clients navigate the human side of change and make future-state a reality through deep-dive engagements that may include:

● Vision Design & Development
Change Management Planning
Implementation of Best Practices

Case Study: Managing Large Scale Enterprise Change

Revenue Growth & Expense Management

Leverage best practice methodologies to assist in identifying immediate actions and long-term strategies to ensure financial health.

Service Components: We foster deep client relationships rooted in a commitment to positioning them for long-term growth and ensuring sustainability:

● Business Process Redesign
Decrease Operational Expense
Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
Identify New Revenue Opportunities

Case Study: Surgical Site Infection Reduction in Colon and Rectal Surgery

Project Management

Deliver organizational sustainability by accelerating the pace of change through strategic execution.

Service Components: We guide clients through combining people, processes, and technology to deliver quality project outcomes with defined scope, quality, cost, and schedule.

● Structured and disciplined methodology (or approach)
Project framework to deliver improvement plans to complex projects
Successful implementations that lead to sustainable operational handoffs
Integrating communication and change management into delivery

Case Study: Accelerating Life-Changing Therapy Through Project Management

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