Our Team

The team of engineers and project managers who are a part of Management Engineering & Consulting possesses a unique perspective that allows us to manage critical interactions between individuals, processes and cultures. Our commitment to Mayo Clinic is unwavering, pragmatic and passionate, and, as a result, we are able to serve the mission of Mayo Clinic.

You will partner with some of the most talented individuals in the world to provide solutions that improve clinical practice, education and research.

Janine Kamath, Chair, Department of Management Engineering and Consulting

Key ingredients to ME&C employee excellence is our diversity in backgrounds and training.

In addition to health care, our staff have previous work experiences in over 34 different industries:

Our staff have lived and worked in 36 different countries.

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Higher Purpose

“I support staff engaged in Mayo Clinic's strategic initiatives.”

Amy D., Unit Head, Administrative Services, Project Management

 “I help patients access the power and hope of research.”

George T., Senior Principal Health System Engineer

“I help to solidify the financial sustainability of the enterprise.”

Chris D., Senior Health System Engineer

“I help patients heal at home.”

Megan M., Senior Health System Engineer