Management Engineering and Consulting

Working together for more than 70 years, the team of consultants within Mayo Clinic Management Engineering & Consulting collaborates across multiple disciplines to advance the practice of medicine, and to ensure an unparalleled experience for all patients. At the foundation of our work lies a rich history of systems analysis, project management, analytics and operational knowledge applied across the three shields of Mayo Clinic – Education, Research and Practice.

We are pioneers in solving problems in health care.

Management Engineering & Consulting (ME&C) played a critical role in the original transition from paper records to the electronic medical record (EMR), thus transforming the accessibility, navigation and legibility of medical information for the practice. As Mayo Clinic evolves with trends in digital record-keeping and management, ME&C continues to play an important role in information integration and other areas of EMR application.


Mayo Clinic has three destination medical centers across the U.S. and more than 60,000 employees.  Given the size of the operation, ME&C remains very active with projects rooted in new building planning and construction, remodeling initiatives, and space planning across the enterprise.  Specifically, ME&C works across many functions (e.g., facilities, clinical practice areas, etc.) to assess and model alternative solutions with the goal of optimizing utilization of space, buildings and the patient experience. 


In 1985, ME&C developed a Mayo Clinic framework for strategic planning. The framework guided leadership in the decision to integrate Saint Marys and Rochester Methodist Hospitals into Mayo Clinic. ME&C continues to facilitate strategy and design initiatives with both hospitals such as the recently completed strategic plan for Anatomic Pathology.


A noteworthy accomplishment that reflects how ME&C supports the mission of Mayo Clinic in providing the best possible patient experience was their participation in the Clinical Trials Activation redesign in Research.  This project, which included Cancer Center trials, decreased the activation cycle time from 125 to 65 days - as a result, qualified patients were able to gain access to clinical trials faster.

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2015-2016 Overall Winner of the AIMC Internal Consulting Excellence Award

The Association of Internal Management Consulting recognized ME&C for distinguishing itself for its superior performance in both delivering high-quality consulting processes and realizing significant impact on the enterprise. In addition, ME&C has made significant contributions to the profession of Internal Consulting through the sharing of their best practice methodologies with our global consulting community.

2014-2015 Winner of the AIMC Internal Consulting Process Category

The Association of Internal Management Consulting recognized ME&C’s internal business consulting and management engineering group for distinguishing itself for its superior performance in delivering high-quality consulting processes and developing key internal consulting competencies.

2014 INFORMS Prize

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences recognized ME&C for sustained application of advanced analytics and operations research/management science at the 2014 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research in Boston, MA.