Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing Lab

The Mayo Clinic Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing (BAP) Lab, which has facilities at all three Mayo Clinic sites, has been involved in various projects which were supported by Management Engineering and Consulting. The mission of the BAP lab is to provide world-class Biorepositories and state-of-the-art Biospecimen Processing and Storage with a focus on quality and service. The Mayo Clinic Biobank and the Center for Individualized Medicine’s Biorepositories Program are important resources that enable genomic medicine studies. Investigators can study millions of samples that can lead to evidence-based discoveries. the BAP lab has completed a number of projects for greater efficiency, increased automation, greater uniformity, and increased standardization of procedures and processes, all leading to high-quality material for investigators. In today’s episode, Senior Principal Health Systems Engineers Keri Kirby and Rachel Martin, Bailey Van Ommeren, Health Systems Engineer and host Tony Chihak discuss the long standing relationship between the Center for Individualized Medicine, which is the organizational home for BAP, and ME&C, and how their collaboration has helped to evolve BAP and it’s capabilities.

Listen Now! Episode 22


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