It’s Okay Not to be Okay: Mental Health for Mayo Employees & Learners

Even though employee mental health was a large topic of discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo Clinic identified this as a concern beforehand. The pandemic created new levels of stress and anxiety, with employee needs becoming more complex in this continuously changing environment. National data found that symptoms of anxiety disorders and depressive disorders have increased by approximately three to four times then what was reported in 2019. A multidisciplinary team was formed to collectively address the complex barriers to care and optimize support to employees and learners. This team reached out to Management Engineering and Consulting for assistance providing an objective third-party lens by assisting the current state of navigation to mental health recourses, mapping those barriers and coaching the team through those solutions. In today’s episode we are joined by ME&C’s Allyssa Stevens, Associate, members of the multidisciplinary team Kaisa Wieneke, Human Resources Director for Employee Well-Being and Recognition, Gretl Kruse, Senior Human Resources Analyst for Employee Well-Being and Recognition, and host Jodi Grimm as they dive into this important topic of employee mental health.

Listen Now! Episode 20


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