COVID-19 Test Site Winterization

With the unpredictability of COVID-19, and impending winter months of the Midwest, Management Engineering and Consulting was tasked with helping to transform our current drive-up COVID testing models and prepare the southeast health system sites for winter. With these sites situated in the heart of the Midwest's infamous cold and snowy winters, the teams had to move quickly to develop and implement a plan. The drive-thru testing centers needed to be moved indoors with a "drive up, walk through" set up. With the priority of keeping the patients and staff safe, a model had to be developed that would work for all five testing centers, while taking into account each sites individual nuances. Join Jon EckdahlSenior Health Systems Engineer, Teresa Walter, Project Manager, and host Tony Chihak as they discuss how their team was able to restructure and open walk-in testing sites across several locations in a short amount of time.

Listen Now! Episode 19


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