Emergency-Triage-Treat-Transport, or ET3, is an initiative with a goal to reduce the total cost of care while improving experience and outcomes by reimbursing ambulance services for providing treatment on scene through telemedicine or providing transportation to alternative destinations like urgent care. Management Engineering and Consulting was brought in to help obtain the electronic tools and provide processes needed to be in place to make the program operational. Since the program was started in January 2021, 22% of Mayo Clinic Ambulance's 911 calls are treated and released at the scene, while 89% of patients transported to the emergency department are sent home without admission within six hours of arriving at the ED. In today's episode, Mike Fabel, Principal Health Systems Engineer and host Jodi Grimm talk about this unique program and how ME&C was able to provide their services that helped make ET3 a success.

Listen Now! Episode 18


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