Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Research shows that patients with a longer length of stay have poorer outcomes and longer recovery times after their joint surgery. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic Health Systems market for total joint surgery is highly competitive and their length of stay was higher than the competition at 1.84 days in late 2018. As of February 2021 and with the help of Management Engineering and Consulting, Mayo Clinic Health System–Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse, WI was successful in reducing the length of stay to 0.6 days. In today's episode, Senior Health Systems Engineer Sandra Elsen, Operations Administrator Matthew Tradewell, board-certified Anesthesiologist Dr. Peter Schams and host Tony Chihak discuss the extensive multidisciplinary work that was done to help redesign the way orthopedic patients are optimized for surgery, cared for the day of surgery and set up for success after surgery.


Listen Now! Episode 17


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