Mask Reprocessing

In early spring 2020, COVID-19 cases were rapidly increasing across the US which resulted in shortages of beds, staff and equipment. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, are required for both staff and patient safety and if these were unavailable, there would be critical limitations to the level of care Mayo Clinic needs to provide for patients in need not only from COVID but other diseases as well. While Mayo Clinic wasn't expecting immediate shortages, a project was initiated to proactively implement mitigation plans in case of an actual surge. Management Engineering and Consulting was brought in to help identify an optimal plan for reprocessing PPE as well as implementing to solution in preparation for potential shortages. In today's episode, Senior Health System Engineer Tae Huh and host Tony Chihak discuss how ME&C was able to move with agility and creativity while being under a tight deadline to provide a sustainable solution for reprocessing PPE.

Listen Now! Episode 16


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