Advanced Care at Home

Mayo Clinic has developed an advanced care at home program. This model of care provides comprehensive treatment and recovery service to patients in their own home, and will allow patients who are “sick, but stable” to have the option of recovering where they are most comfortable: At home. Aligned with Mayo Clinic’s 2030 strategy, advanced care at home is expected to transform the delivery of care by revolutionizing the location and logistics of acute care delivery for patients with serious or complex illnesses for both Mayo and the health care system overall.

In this episode, our speakers Prerna Dean and Joel Roberts, Senior Health Systems Engineers, Arnold Blauert, Senior Project Manager along with our host Jodi Grimm talk about how Mayo Clinic providers will leverage cutting edge technology platform and an ecosystem of support services to care for patients in a home environment. 

Watch now! Episode 10

Chelsea Schultz (@chelseaschultz)

Chelsea Schultz

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