Transforming Complex Multispecialty Practice Through Systems Engineering

Children with complex congenital or acquired conditions affecting breathing, swallowing, and growth often required multispecialist care that is costly and complex, characterized by multiple procedures, heavy reliance on technology and frequent hospitalizations. Today, these kids often start their care journey in the Aerodigestive Clinic but up till 2018 there was lack of a national consensus definition of an aerodigestive patient. Many healthcare institutions also lacked standardized structure or functions of an aerodigestive program prior to that point. This is a story of how a determined group of clinicians partnered with their health systems engineer 8 years ago to completely transform the practice model for evaluation of children with aerodigestive issues. Using systems engineering principles, the team created a patient-centered multispecialty practice that reduced turn-around-time for diagnostic evaluation from a median of 150 days to 6 days. 

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Chelsea Schultz (@chelseaschultz)

Chelsea Schultz

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