Health Systems Engineer

A Health Systems Engineer provides business consulting and management engineering services at many levels of Mayo Clinic’s organization, from individual departments to the entire enterprise. Their work is often conducted within multidisciplinary teams comprised of patient caregivers, administrators, and other professionals.

Health Systems Engineers apply process improvement frameworks and use various methods in their work to ensure stakeholder requirements are met and project deliverables meet the needs of their clients.

Opportunities within the position:

  • Health System Engineers have the opportunity to advance to more senior positions based on tenure and experience; these positions include Senior, Principal, and Senior Principal Health Systems Engineers.
  • Management and leadership opportunities are available within the department by becoming a unit or section leader or throughout the institution in operations manager or administrative positions.

Professional development opportunities:

  • Structured on-boarding process to learn about ME&C and Mayo Clinic
  • Formal mentorship program to connect with Mayo Clinic-experienced employees
  • Courses specific to ME&C to enhance skill sets
  • Mayo Clinic-wide courses to improve communication and leadership skills as well as the Mayo Quality Fellowship Program

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As a Health Systems Engineer, I
partner with amazing colleagues
across the enterprise to develop
systems that shape the patient
experience. The outcome of our
work is tangible and it is rewarding
to know that our efforts help
advance the health and well-being
of our patients.

-Amrika R., Health Systems