Fellowship Program

The ME&C fellowship program is a one-year learning experience designed to foster the development of outstanding masters-prepared individuals committed to a career in healthcare, business consulting, and systems engineering.

This position:

  • Provide business consulting and management engineering services at many levels of Mayo Clinic’s organization
  • Typically, work with multidisciplinary teams comprised of patient caregivers, administrators, and other professionals
  • Apply process and quality improvement methodologies and other tools to meet the needs of their clients

Opportunities Within the Position:

Upon completing the program, participants may have the opportunity to apply for a permanent position.

Professional development opportunities:

  • Structured onboarding process to learn about ME&C and Mayo Clinic
  • Formal mentorship program to connect with Mayo Clinic-experienced employees
  • Courses specific to ME&C to enhance skill sets
  • Mayo-wide courses to improve communication and leadership skills as well as the Mayo Quality Fellowship Program

Associate positions are posted in the late summer/early fall. New associates typically begin the position the following year in the early summer.

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Management consulting, process
engineering, and interpersonal
skills are all things I get to use
on a daily basis to serve my clients.
I learn every day, and can see my
contributions impact the amazing
care our patients receive.

David U.
Associate Fellow, 2015-2016