ME&C Career Webinars

Are you interested in building a better health care system? Join us to learn about career opportunities available within Management Engineering & Internal Consulting at Mayo Clinic, and how over 150 health systems engineering and project management professionals are redefining healthcare at a premier academic medical center.

The Department of Management Engineering & Internal Consulting (ME&IC) has approximately 200 employees who are a part of a vibrant, multidisciplinary team, focused on improving processes, quality, and outcomes. ME&IC uses robust systems, processes, and management engineering tools and methodologies, strategic management frameworks and advanced project management approaches to improve healthcare at Mayo Clinic. ME&IC has consistently been a key partner in the design, development and execution of Mayo Clinic’s strategic priorities, core operational systems and transformation programs. This broad institutional exposure provides an in-depth organizational knowledge that is unique to ME&IC.

At Mayo Clinic, you’ll discover a culture of teamwork, professionalism and mutual respect, and most importantly, a life-changing career!

To explore current job openings visit: Careers in Management Engineering & Consulting

Jessica Larson

HR Staffing Specialist

Webinar Date

Format: Interactive Webinar
Date: October 3rd, 2019
Time: 1:00pm (CDT)



Johanna Ficatier, M.S.

Johanna Ficatier is a Senior Health Systems Engineer in the Revenue Innovation & Value Creation Unit. She started her career in the manufacturing industry and transitioned to healthcare in 2016 when she joined Mayo Clinic and Management Engineering & Internal Consulting.  Johanna has worked mostly on clinical projects including practice optimization, redesign and quality projects.

Christine Shakal, M.B.A., PMP.

Christine Shakal is a Project Manager in the Community Practice Project Management Unit. She has been with Mayo Clinic for over 20 years positioned in Human Resources where she worked on many projects before transitioning to ME&IC two years ago.  Chris has had the opportunity to work on more clinically-focused projects like reducing All Cause Readmissions and cost reduction for Degenerative Spine and Disc Injury surgeries.

Jessica Larson

Jessica Larson is a Human Resources Recruiter at Mayo Clinic with a focus on Management Engineering and Internal Consulting. Jessica also supports Education and has supported various departments in the past such as Contractor Payer Relations, Global Business Solutions, Information Technology, Information Security, and Mayo Clinic Ventures.